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timer_with_callback.c Example Question

Question asked by rkhederian on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by Kader.M

Hi, I am using the Analog Devices example 'timer_with_callback.c' with IAR and the ADSP-CM408F EZ-Kit.  I want to view the output (of the timer running in PWM mode) on a pin on the PWM probing board.  I see (from a previous post) that I needed to use the Pin Multiplexer code generator, which I did.  I included that file in my project, and added one line of code in the application program 'timer_with_callback.c' program, which reads adi_initpinmux();.  When I run the program I see a signal on Pin 135 (Port B_08) with a period of ~ 10uS, however the amplitude is ~ 50mV.  Why isn't this signal 0 - 3 V?


Also in the include file timer_with_callback.h, how do the parameters TIMER_WIDTH, TIMER_DELAY and TIMER_PERIOD relate to "real world time".  For example, why do I have a 10uS period and how would I change that to a different time?