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About FMComms5 Plugin

Question asked by crimechb on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by crimechb

Dear Sir,


I am using FMComms5 Plugin to transmit and receive data.

I have some questions below:


1. I have checked the basic iq data file .

I would like to generate 4 independent signals files.(8 iq signals)

But it still can not work.


FMComms5  Hardware setting:

TX1A_A connect with RX1A_A via cable.

TX2A_A connect with RX2A_A via cable.

TX1A_B connect with RX1A_B via cable.

TX2A_B connect with RX2A_B via cable.


Matlab file(Create TX datas):


t = 0:(1/30e6):1024/30e6 - 1/30e6; % Create time vector

FMComms5 Tx1 = round(exp(t*j*2*pi*1e6)'.*2047);
Tx2 = round(exp(t*j*2*pi*10e6)'.*2047);
Tx3 = round(exp(t*j*2*pi*5e6)'.*2047);
Tx4 = round(exp(t*j*2*pi*2e6)'.*2047);

datas =[ real(Tx1) imag(Tx1) real(Tx2) imag(Tx2) real(Tx3) imag(Tx3) real(Tx4) imag(Tx4)];

dlmwrite('TX_DATA.txt',datas,' ');



Results : It seems transmit two signals. TX1= TX3 (1.png) and TX2 =TX4 (2.png) 




2. Is it possible to continuous steaming data with Simulink model? (buffers are back to back without delay)l?




Best Regards,