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AD538 (ACU) circuit design question

Question asked by zlatan14 on Apr 16, 2017
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Refer to last time I ordered AD538 for my project then now I 'm trying to connect as pic 2 but need analog to suggest about wiring diagram. 

AD538(ACU) circuit design from the datasheet is shown in Picture 1

AD538 Link 1: Datasheet as power root

But my equation need Vx and do I connected like Picture 2 correctly? 

Link 2 design concerned

From the schematic I still need Vx,Vz with power root 2 (Vz/Vx)^2 which I shown in the schematic. For Vy just leave it as 1Vdc is ok. Pin 18,17 is 196 ohm? For +2,+10 (Pin 4,5) Only +2 Vdc? From the picture 2: k*U0*U0 is less than +10Vdc, (U-U0)(U+U0) is less than +10Vdc same as before.


Please suggest us for more thank you.


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