ADAU1361 and 8kHz LRCLK

Discussion created by Sasa on Apr 16, 2017
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For F(LRCLK)=8kHz I do:

- Fpll = 49.152MHz

- R0. INFREQ [2..1]  = 11b => Fs=Fpll/1024=49152/1024=48kHz

- R17. CONVSR[2:0] = 001b => Flrclk=Fs/6=48/6=8kHz.

Bandwidth of filter for Fs=48kHz must be 48/2=24kHz – see Figure 10..18. OK?

I connect output pin ADC_SDATA with input pin DAC_SDATA.


What signal I will see at the output LOUT if on input LIN I give a signal 1Vpp with a frequency of 5 kHz (all gains is 0dB)?