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How to determine your local oscillator

Question asked by Floris123 on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by huangzeyan

Hello there,


I am using the frequency mixer AD831 for my graduation project, where I am building a receiver. I've just been stuck on one part for the last 2 weeks, namely the Local Oscillator for this particular mixer. My signal is at 150MHz, and i would like to use a 160MHz local oscillator of -10dBm output to bring it down to around 10MHz..

My initial understanding was that i could just add a crystal there and that would be it. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Been looking at different VCXO but they do not make any sense, with output of LVPECL and HCSL and there isn't much information what I can use.


My question is, are there any pre-made chips for this frequency with that output? Do i need to use an LC resonance, or would that be unaccurate. In the end with the 10-ish-MHz, i will need to bring it down again with a second AD831 to about 100kHz. From what i understand, FM radios work like that and there should be premade chips for this too. I just do not know where to find them. Seriously been looking into it for 2 weeks now. If someone could help a starting engineer out, i'd be very grateful! thank you.