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ADAU1452 with USB Amanero384 and out with FIFO PCM1704 DAC

Question asked by Lethanhson on Apr 15, 2017
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My project ADAU1452 as two way crossover:

Input USB Amanero I2S out (MCK, LRCK, BCK, and DATA) to I2S in2 of ADAU1452 eval board.

I2S out1 and I2S out2 to FIFO(74HC164) boards then to PCM1704(only use LRCK,BCK, and DATA no need MCK).

1. Is it possible?

2. Do not connect  MCK(value is 22.5792 or 24.576MHz) from Amanero or use this MCK as external oscilator for ADAU1452 eval board.

3. Have to use ASRC or no need


Thanks in advanced.

Le Thanh Son