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Question asked by on Apr 14, 2017
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I am an engineer from Nextivity Inc and works on  LTE TDD project; right now I use SPI control the ENSM state machine, from the debug read back the state, state transition are right, ( RX- >Alert->Tx->alert->Rx .....), and the RX work fine, the signal level stability and Lte decode works, but the TX no power out put. All this set up works in FDD mode, means the hardware itself is not an issue; could you give me some clue to check why there is no Tx Power? By the we If we set to FDD mode and use REG_TX_SYNTH_POWER_DOWN_OVERRIDE/REG_RX_SYNTH_POWER_DOWN_OVERRIDE, it works, it shows the TDD timing from our driver code works as expected. I am looking forward to hearing from you and appreciate your help in this matter. I can be reached at 6318398820, my email is


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zheng Wang