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PLL2 PFD frequency in AD9528

Question asked by jhshin on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by SteveO


My customer want to use AD9528 as the following conditions(refer to the attched EVB setup file).

  * AD9528 PLL1 setup : REF A:122.88MHz, PFD:30.72MHz, EXT VCXO:122.88MHz, Feedback source:VCXO input

  * AD9528 PLL2 setup : PFD:7.68MHz, Internal VCO:3.84GHz

The customer has tested the above setup using AD9528 EVB but PLL2 of AD9528 was unlocked.

Even if the loop filter value of ADIsimPLL was used, the customer could not lock the PLL2.

Please tell the customer how to lock the PLL2 of AD9528 ?