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Raw Mode issues

Question asked by Clem on Sep 29, 2011
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I'm trying to use the ADV212 in Raw Mode with JDATA.


During the initialization, I get the IRQ/ and I'm correctly reading the x"FF82" on SWFAG. At the end, i'm not getting the VALID but SCOM[3..0] is stuck on 7 which mean it is waiting for video data.


That's why I'm sending an image (1750x512) through VDATA using the VSYNC, HSYNC, FIELD control signals as shown in the simulation in the attached document. I respect the figure 28 of the programming guide to assign these control signals, did I control them correctly? My VCLK is 25MHz and the configuration is in the second attached file.


The problem is I never get any compressed data on JDATA bus!!

What could be the problem there?


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