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No DAC RF output with interrupts IRQ_DATA_READY and IRQ_LANE_FIFO asserted.

Question asked by nealkendrick on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by MikeC


- My AD9162 eval board reports that registers 0x470, 0x471, 0x472, and 0x473 each have value 0xFF.

- All interrupts are enabled in registers 0x4B8 and 0x4B9, and registers 0x4BA and 0x4B9 are both reporting a value of 0x00.

- However, all interrupts are enabled in register 0x020, and register 0x024 is reporting a value of 0x0C. What do these interrupts mean (bits 3 and 2 of reg 0x024)?

- I think I am feeding samples to the DAC correctly, but I am getting no RF output


It seems to me that the DAC is configured correctly and is communicating with my FPGA over the JESD link, but I am getting no output RF. I'm wondering if these interrupts asserted in register 0x024 might give me a clue why, but I do not know what they mean or how to resolve them.