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ADE7913 SPI problem: I am only able to do 1 read operation in burst mode, after one burst the MISO line stays low.

Question asked by jorisdt on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by dlath



I am using a lopy in an energy metering project, the lopy should receive digital values from the ADE7913 over SPI. Whenever I power up the ADE7913 and execute a read operation, I get the data from all the registers as expected. However when I try to execute a second or third read operation I get no answer at all, the MISO line stays low. I am using a lopy to communicate with the ADE7913 and for now I am just typing commands in a terminal. After the first and only succesfull read operation I toggle the /CS pin twice to set and clear it again. I do this by also typing a toggle command in the terminal, this means that there are several seconds inbetween the setting/clearing and the previous/next read operation attempt. Could this be causing the problem I am encountering? As said before I can only do 1 succesfull read operation after powering up the ADE7913, afterwards the chip does not respond anymore to my commands, please help me solve this issue, thanks in advance for any replies!!