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ADDI7013 Power-up Sequence

Question asked by AkiraO on Apr 13, 2017
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I received question about power-up sequence of ADDI7013 from our customer.

The customer set the register according to "RECOMMENDED POWER-UP SEQUENCE" in the datasheet of ADDI7013. However H-CLOCK signals were not output after sending register of "Step 4" in the  "RECOMMENDED POWER-UP SEQUENCE". They were fixed Hi. VD and HD were input after sending the register of "Step 4". 


Do you have any idea about cause of this issue?

We can see the description of "This setting is generated by the GUI tool." in the c of Step 4 on page 39. How should we set the register when we don't use GUI tool? Should we set it to 0x7C22 = 0x0000 in this case?

Can you provide any reference register setting for power-up sequence?


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