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HMC465 RF Amplifier VGG2 Voltage is out of spec.

Question asked by rasmith on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by rasmith

We are using the HMC465LP5 in our application; the bias to the device is provided by the HMC981 as per the recommended application circuit in the HMC981 datasheet.


For our application, Vdd ~ +7.70V.  I have a sample of 4 units, and I have noted that one of the gate voltages VGG2 is +3.09V.  This is outside its recommended maximum of +3V; further, the other 3 units have VGG2 with values that are ~ +1.6V.


My question: Should I be concerned if VGG2 exceeds the specified maximum?  Should I be looking for a defect in the bias circuit, or perhaps is the HMC465 oscillating?


It just seems strange to me that 1 unit is behaving markedly different than the other 3 units.