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EVAL-AD7609EDZ to myRIO 1900 using SPI

Question asked by vincentC on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by jcolao

Dear all,

            i will like to verify what is the miso,mosi, ss "bar" pins for EVAL-AD7609EDZ ? This device will be the servant and myRIO will be the master. From the functional block diagram of the AD7609 figure 1. After the Parallel/Serial Interface block, there is the following pins:


1) DoutA ---> 

2) DoutB --->

3) RD"bar"/SCLK <---                        to be connected to  DIO5/ SPI.CLK  (myRIO)       

4) CS "bar"<---                                   should this pins be connected to my SS "bar" (myRIO) ??

5) PAR "bar"/SER SEL <--- using SPI, therefore this pins will be connected to Vdrive for PAR/SER SEL= 1 "high"

6) Vdrive 


i have read up  (page 26) of the AD7609 datasheet. It shown that CS "bar" falling edge take the data output lines (DoutA and DoutB) out of three-state and clocks out the MSB of the conversion result. The rising edge of SCLK clocks all subsequent data bits onto the serial data outputs, DoutA and DoutB.  


My application will be using 2 sets of position sensing diode (PSD) to EVAL-AD7609EDZ (Servant) to myRIO 1900.

myRIO SPI setup:




                        DI04 (intend to define this as the SS "bar")


v1+,v2+,v3+,v4+ (DoutA) will be connected to  PSD #1.

v5+,v6+,v7+,v8+ (DoutB) will be connected to PSD #2.


please advice.


thanks in advance.