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AD9953 Daisy chaining SPI Interface

Question asked by binupandians on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by KennyG


We are implementing a design with two AD9953 and we want to know if we can daisy chain the SPI Interface between the two DDS.


Just to be clear, what we want is,

1)   Processor  SPI_MOSI         ->     DDS1 SPI_SDIO

2)   DDS1 SPI_SDO                  ->     DDS2 SPI_SDI

3)  DDS2_SDO                        ->      Processor SPI_MISO


There does not seem to be any mention regarding daisy chaining.

Kindly let us know if the above is possible and can be used to access both DDS SPI Interfaces.


Also, Readback functionality from DDS is not strictly required. 


Thanks in advance.

Binupandian S.