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ADE9078 Angle measurement registers (format)

Question asked by Jbec on Apr 11, 2017
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Can anyone tell me the data format for ADE9078 angle measurement registers?  I cannot find it in the User Guide or the datasheet.  I assumed from measurements using the evaluation board and software that it was 14 bit 2's complement based on measurements like this  Note that the following measurements are copied from "ADE90xx Evaluation Software", "Angle" panel:

ANGL_VA_VB = 0x27F9     --->    VA leads VB by -0.6 degrees

      In this case, B13 would be the sign bit.


But,  I have also seen measurements such as:

ANGL_VA_IA  = 0x1E0B    ---->   VA leads IA by  -89.48   

      In this case,  B13 is zero and the calculated result is negative so it can't be 14 bit 2's complement.


What gives??