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Ad9361 Support_ unable to visualize frequency at oscilloscope

Question asked by saxenaabhinav111 on Apr 11, 2017
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I am new to ad9361, I am using it with linux environment and in my project I am customizing ad9361.c  as per my needs. Majorly I am bypassing IIO subsystem and defines my own structures for the same. I have initialized AD9361 in this sequence -

1) Device tree parsing

2) GPIO setting of reset, sync, sw_cal1, sw_cal2.

3)Requesting gain table

4) Ad9361 reset

5) Reading product ID

6) WORK Init

7) Registering clocks

8) Calling one time setup function used to set all one time values from device tree(exactly same as ad9361_setup).

9) Calling of_clk_add_provider(spi->dev.of_node,of_clk_src_onecell_get, &priv->clk_data);

10) Return to main(Currently nothing else after this)


All above steps are almost same as in from ad9361.c and all are successfully executed and as per my device tree I have set a TX-LO frequency of 100Mhz which can be verified by recalculating it again and also the mode in which it is currently in, at 10th step is -SLEEP MODE.


But after this initialization I am unable to see any frequency in oscillator, I always stays zero.


Kindly guide me in debugging this issue and let me know what are the possible error due to which I am getting all frequency correct through getting API's but still not able to visualize anything in oscilloscope.


Note- Sometime it shows : Calibration TIMEOUT (0x287, ) or Calibration TIMEOUT (0x247,)