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AD9371 with ZC706

Question asked by adgoodw on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by rosy2cloud


I'm working with AD9371 eval board and zynq ZC706. I've tested the board with the shipped SD card that has the boot file that works with the TES software. Next I would like to modify the HDL and be able to re-generate the boot file to continue testing, with modified HDL. I understand this will not work with TES, so I need info on what I need to do to get this running. I have already been able to build the HDL project from git.


Referring to another post: I am working with both HDL and Linux 2016_R2 branches. I then attempted to follow directions here . I was able to build the kernel image, but on the next section for building the device tree for specific platform there is nothing listed for ad9371, so I'm not sure what to do next.


Am I on the right track with what I'm trying to do, and if so what is the next step for integrating with ad9371?


Thank you