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ADuCM360 Converting 0-3V Analog Input to 8-bit Digital Output

Question asked by alden.harwood on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by ABuda

I am currently working with the ADuCM360 using the EVAL-ADuCM360MKZ evaluation board to interface with the microcontroller. I want to use the microcontroller to take in an analog input between 0-3V, then convert this to an 8-bit digital output, however I am having trouble matching the input and output ranges. I am using uVision to write and compile the hex file uploaded to the microcontroller, however I am not sure how to set the system up to read this input range and output it with the 8-bits. Right now I can take in the input and output a digital signal, however the range does not cover the entire output range, since reading from the ADCDAT register returns a value between -vref and vref, with my vref being 1.2V, instead of between 0 and 3V.