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DC lead OFF issue in ADAS1000

Question asked by kklokeshkumar on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by CatherineR


i am using Adas1000 EVM board.

I am evaluating DC lead on/ off feature.

I have configured for GAIN 4.2 and in differential or Single ended ,vector mode.

I have Opened LK6 jumper and powering AVDD from J5. AVDD is 5V.

I am using Stream LOFF in the evaluation software.

Case 1:

When RLD not connected to body. LA and RA connected to body.

Lead on not detected.

Case 2:

When RLD connected to body, LA & RA connected to Body. 

LA , RA lead on detected RLD lead on some times not detected sometimes RLD lead on detected.


Case 3:

When RLD connected to body, LA & RA & LL connected to body.

LA , RA and LL & RLD lead on detected.

Case 4:



when LA,RA,LL,RLD leads. when any of the electrodes except RLD   such as LA/RA/LL is removed. electrode lead off is displayed along with that RLD lead off is also displayed. 


Case 5: 

I soldered 22M ohms RLD pull up resistors for LA RA & LL and repeated my trails with same configurations.

I observed LA,LL,RA always giving lead on.


Please help me regarding this. Only case 3 is good conditions.

In all the cases i have issues.