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Some questions about IQMIXER (HMC526LC4 & HMC520ALC4) ?

Question asked by Mr.yoo on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Mr.yoo

Hi. Every one.
I designed upconverter using iqmixer. a iqmixer is hmc526lc4 and i will change it to hmc520alc4.

Currently, i under testing but a few problem. So i want to find the answer hers.

My question is below as ;

1. Datasheet page 4 from HMC520LC4, RF level is -10dBm and LO is 15dBm. So What is the IF signal level?

2. Is it correct to calculate the level of I or Q signal with Channel power in the RF level budget of modulation system  

using IQMIXER? or Is it correct to convert the channel power to CW?

3. On page 4 of the HMC526LC4 datasheet, LO to RF isolation is shown at 50 dB(frequency range : 7~8.5 GHz). However when I acturally measured it, LO to RF isolation is about 39dB. Is there a way to improve LO to RF isolation?