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How do I record data for longer periods of time using ADIS16405 module?

Question asked by RevanthRaghuram on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by NevadaMark

I'm using the ADIS16405 acc/gyro module along with the evaluation kit in my projects to estimate position using IMU, for which I need to record data for longer periods of time. I'm using the IMU evaluation software for recording data. Right now, I notice that the data is being recorded for only seven seconds and after that the current data is being over-written with new data, which is not what I want. This is because of low sampling rate and low record length (1000). I need help in figuring out a way to record data for longer periods of time. What is the maximum number of points which can be recorded in one file? What is the maximum sampling rate? How do I change sampling rate?

Also, I want to record data in real-time. Is there a way to do that?