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Question asked by ddorin on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by ABuda


I am trying to use the DMA in ADuCM320 to generate a sin wave using one of the internal VDACs(or, alternatively an external SPI DAC). I want to use the DMA to write the waveform samples into the DAC in order to reduce the processor overhead and I need a sample rate of at least 25kHz. 

I am doing the tests using the ADuCM320 eval board. The main problem in this moment is that I am not able to control the DMA requests using a timer, in order to send the samples to the DAC without processor intervention. In this context, my questions are :

- is there any setup/code example which can generate a waveform on ADuCM320 ?

- is it possible to use a timer to generate SPI Tx DMA requests in a timed mode (ex. a DMA request every 40us) without processor intervention ?

- is it possible to use one of the DMA channels to transfer data between RAM memory and one of the internal VDACs ?


Thank you for your help,