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How to properly configure FIR40 2x interpolation filter in the AD9129 DAC ?

Question asked by haykel.tkitek on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by danf


I'm trying to configure the ad9129 to generate a frequency of 833.334 Mhz.

Using the AD9129 evaluation board 11025 rev B, the ARTIX7 evaluation board and a source of 2.5 Ghz, it works fine

But the system doesn't have the same performances in my prototype.


In fact I doubt about the FIR40 2x interpolation filter configuration.


In the attached document you can find screenshots of the spectral response for the PoC and the prototype in the frequency of 833.334 Mhz, in addition I have detailed the DAC startup sequence and  the filter configuration commands.


the Dac always fail to start with the FIR40 configuration, so i start with the FIR25 and then i change the config to activate the FIR40 2x interpolation filter

Dose any one knows how to properly configure the FIR40 2x interpolation filter ?


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