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AD9467-FMC-250EBZ Xilinx Reference Design

Question asked by marcomercuri on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by marcomercuri

Dear all,


I'm new with the embedded systems. I'm trying to interface the AD9467-FMC-250EBZ with the 7030 PicoZed + FMC Carrier Card V2. To become familiar with my design, I'm following the example/tutorial of . I know that this example is based on the Zedboard but I have just to change the constraints file to adapt to my Zynq.


I followed the tutorial instructions but I’m not able to build the HDL design and generate a bit stream. I get errors (see attachments).


1) Can someone help me solving those issues?


2) Is it possible to have directly the Vivado project (Vivado 2015.4.2) such that I don't have to follow the tutorial?


3) Can someone show me the top level design such that I can have an idea on the main blocks?


Thank you very much in advance.


Best Regards,