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AD8045 PSpice model

Question asked by szorzetti on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Gauzz

Hi, I was trying to use the .cir model of the AD8045.

--- By manually adding the library to the simulation profile I was able to make the design recognizing this device.


-- Then, I tried to perform AC simulations, but I got the following error, where X_U1 is the AD8045.


I might need help in fixing this.





X_U1.Rz1 N14785 X_U1.1020 X_U1.Rideal 1e-6
X_U1.Rz2 N14936 X_U1.1030 X_U1.Rideal 1e-6
X_U1.Ibias X_U1.1020 X_U1.1030 dc 1.6e-3
X_U1.DzPS X_U1.98 X_U1.1020 X_U1.diode
X_U1.Iquies X_U1.1020 X_U1.98 dc 14.4e-3
X_U1.S1 X_U1.98 X_U1.1030 X_U1.106 X_U1.113 X_U1.Switch
X_U1.R1 X_U1.1020 X_U1.99 X_U1.Rideal 1e7
X_U1.R2 X_U1.99 X_U1.1030 X_U1.Rideal 1e7
X_U1.e1 X_U1.111 X_U1.110 X_U1.1020 X_U1.110 1
X_U1.e2 X_U1.110 X_U1.112 X_U1.110 X_U1.1030 1
X_U1.e3 X_U1.110 0 X_U1.99 0 1
X_U1.S2 X_U1.1 0 X_U1.106 X_U1.113 X_U1.Switch
X_U1.S3 X_U1.9 N14485 X_U1.106 X_U1.113 X_U1.Switch
X_U1.VOS X_U1.1 X_U1.2 dc 0.2e-6
X_U1.IbiasP X_U1.110 X_U1.2 dc 2e-6
X_U1.IbiasN X_U1.110 X_U1.9 dc 2e-6
X_U1.RinCMP X_U1.110 X_U1.2 X_U1.Rideal 7e6
X_U1.RinCMN X_U1.9 X_U1.110 X_U1.Rideal 7e6
X_U1.CinCMP X_U1.110 X_U1.2 0.7e-12
X_U1.CinCMN X_U1.9 X_U1.110 0.7e-12
X_U1.IOS X_U1.9 X_U1.2 0.2e-6
X_U1.RinDiff X_U1.9 X_U1.2 X_U1.Rideal 1.1e3
X_U1.CinDiff X_U1.9 X_U1.2 0e-12
ERROR -- Value may not be 0