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ADV7280  PAL burst problem

Question asked by stebatt on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by stebatt

I'm using ADV7280 with a bad quality of video signal on PAL burst zone.

I mean, not standard amplitude and quality of burst signal. (This due to special conversion that degrade HF signals...).
Some times, at the start of conversion, ADV7280 didn't lock the color carrier (this problem is showed by internal registers PAL_SW_LOCK) but all  others lock bits are ok.  In this condition it send to the processor an image similar to a B/W for aprox half a second... After that period, the image comes back with standard colors. 
Sometime the image still B/W for long long time with no color ( usually until the next restart).
Usually image is correctly converted from the start with no problem.  


There are anything to do from parameters side, to improve this behaviour?
Thank you.