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Sigma Studio IC-1 address incorrect

Question asked by CoolJavelin on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by CoolJavelin

The 1701 literature (page 23, table 16) reports a bunch of device addresses with the address and R/w# combined. This is wrong, as the address is 7 bits not 8. If addr0 and addr1 are tied low, the device address is 0x34, not 0x68. The R/w# bit is something else.


Sigma Studio creates a bunch of files to assist me in using a uP with the 1701. One of those files (root name)_IC_1.h reports the device address as 0x68. That number is actually wrong probably because the creator of those files read the 1701 datasheet, and it is wrong.


When I tell my uP to address the 1701, I must shift the device address found in (root name)_IC_1.h to the right by one bit. I do not have to shift when using other I2c devices.


While 0x68 is seen on the SDA line (for a read,) and 0x69 is seen for a write, in reality the address is always 0x34 plus a direction bit.


Thanks for listening, and I look forward to a rewrite of the datasheet, and Sigma Studio.