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ADuM4121-1 Spice Model

Question asked by ying_su on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by ying_su
Is there Spice-Model for ADuM4121-1? I've tried with help of "IBIS2SPICE" the IBIS Model transfered into Spice-Model. However, there is still a Problem, when I use the Spice-Model in LT-Spice, the Model can not be recognized.
"Unknown subcircuit called in:
xu1 n010 n012 0 0 n13 n006 n007 n011 adum4121-1".
PS: the Spice-Model, which i've transfered from IBIS Model, is here uploaded in the question.
Could you please help me? Is there perheps also Spice Model for ADuM4121-1? Thanks a lot.

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