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AD9361 NO-OS Drivers - MCS gpio

Question asked by Selwyn on Apr 5, 2017
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I came across these few GPIOs in the base configuration structure for NO-OS driver. Just like to have a quick confirmation of it.


Below are GPIOs that I have come across in the code structure:

  /* MCS Sync */
int32_t gpio_sync; /* sync-gpios */
int32_t gpio_cal_sw1; /* cal-sw1-gpios */
int32_t gpio_cal_sw2; /* cal-sw2-gpios */


For "gpio_sync" I know that it is for Multiple Chip Synchronization. But for "gpio_cal_sw1" and "gpio_cal_sw2" , what are they used for? If they are listed under /*MCS Sync*/ , my understanding will be that both  "gpio_cal_sw1" and "gpio_cal_sw2" are used for Multiple Chip Synchronization. But based on reference manual UG-570 page 87 ~ 89, only the "gpio_sync" is needed.  The reason I am asking is because my application require syncing multiple ad9361 chips together.


Please kindly advise whether is there a need for "gpio_cal_sw1" and "gpio_cal_sw2" for the MCS and what are their functionality for.