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TMU temperature value is not correct

Question asked by eddy@xilica on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Nabeel

ADSP-SC58x/2158x TMU: Example code 

I am following the above example code to test the TMU on our custom adsp-sc589 board.  However, the TMU_TEMP register value is a constant 0x7F00. 


The TMU unit seems to be running because if I don't turn on the STARTCNV and EN bits in the TMU_CTL register, the temperature value is just be 0.   In addition, the 0x7F00 value will also trigger proper interrupts.  So I am at a lost of why the ADC or the Temperature Sensor in the TMU unit isn't returning a proper value.


Lastly, I try the same code on the EZKIT and it works!!   So it could be hardware related, but I can't find any further info regarding any hardware setup that could potentially cause the problem.


The sc589 on the EZKIT is ENG sample 0.1, while our custom board uses rev 1.0.