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AD9361 IP DAC/ADC valid and enable behavior

Question asked by jeff-jackson on Apr 5, 2017
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I am trying to learn more about the AXI AD9361 IP core.  After looking at the wiki page ( AXI_AD9361 [Analog Devices Wiki]  ), I have two questions related to the ADC and DAC data channels.


1)  Under what conditions is the "enable" signal that is associated with each data channel asserted/deasserted?  The wiki seems to imply this directly reflects software-side channel enable settings, is this correct?  Are there any data flow or other reasons the enable line would change state?


2)  Each channel has its own "valid" signal, and I and Q data lines are routed as separate channels.  It seems you'd want I and Q data aligned and then have a single "valid" flag for them.  Are there ever any conditions where the I and Q data channel "valid" signals would have different states?  Are the I and Q samples always guaranteed to be aligned in time?  Is there any suggested way to handle the I and Q valid signals in custom processing (eg, if you get a condition where I is "valid" and Q is not "valid"?)


I appreciate any clarification on this!