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Sending external trigger with ADIS16448

Question asked by zaur on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by NevadaMark

I'm working with ADIS16448 MEMS IMU.

I want to send a external trigger after every 10 imu reading using hardware registers. That is 1 trigger signal after 10 IMU reading, or 2 trigger signal within 20 IMU reading. In othere words trigger signal is a downsampled version of IMU measurement pulses (there are pulses in DIO1 after each IMU measurement by default, so what I want to do is to decimate this output with registers avaiable on chip). How can this be done with register settings?


I looked into ALM_CTRL, tried to use the example to set registers, but haven't succeeded so far. To my understanding, to use ALM_SMPL registers, alarm should be dynamic and the selected source value change is compared to ALM_MAG, while I want to use ALM_SMPL, I don't want to select any source or magnitude, because I want the trigger sent uniformly and periodically without dependence on any IMU measurement (or use something that changes very slowly such as temperature or pressure). Is it possible? and if so, please give some guideline.