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ADAR7251 sampling

Question asked by fe_hadella on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by fe_hadella

I need some help understanding the process to sample data using the adar7251. Our hardware uses the adf5901/adf5904/adf4159.


I have set the adar7251 for parallel byte-wide sampling. I set the ~CONV_START low to kick of the sampling. After some time, the DATA_READY line goes high. Then, on each rising SCLK_ADC, I grab the sample and stuff into that channels offset. I continue sampling for 8 * N SCLK_ADC cycles to grab N samples of data for all channels. Is this the correct process? Is there anything to be done once the sampling is done?


I have a test program which plots the channel data. After a few iterations, the sampled data is all 0's (if I memset to 0 before sampling). I've attached a typical plot.