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ADP5062 SYS_EN functionality

Question asked by MBrookes on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Leo_Liu

I am trying to determine whether SYS_EN can be used to indicate that USB power is applied.  The datasheet language suggests that SYS_EN will be active if USB power is applied and the battery voltage is above Vweak.  However, lab tests are giving conflicting results.  I am assuming that the SYS_EN Mode bits are 00.


Condition                                             State (~3.2V = H)

Good Battery with No USB                  H

Good Battery with USB                        L

Dead Battery with No USB                  L

Dead Battery with USB                        L

No Battery with USB ONLY                  L


Can someone provide a detailed explanation on how this output will respond to given system states for given Mode bit values in the control register?  Also, what is the factory default value for the SYS_EN Mode bits?