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D Zynq Linux Kernel Development Tools

Question asked by kbocan on Apr 4, 2017
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I am using the ad9361 on the zynq zc706 development system.  I would like to use the ad libiio and the ad9361 driver in petalinux 2016.2 but it doesn't seem this is possible.  The petalinux and analog devices kernels are very different and I don't think it's possible to easily port the ad9361 driver to petalinux.  One possible option is to switch to the analog devices kernel.  Does analog devices provide tools to build the dtb and package the dtb, fsbl and u-boot into the BOOT.BIN file?  Does analog devices provide a way to add custom applications, libraries and modules to your kernel?  I have been using petalinux over the last several months to do this but I'm not quite such how this is done within your kernel.  I'm really trying to avoid developing my own tools set. I have downloaded your code at and followed your instructions to build the linux uImage and the dtb file.  I have also downloaded the hdl source from and built the vivado fmcomms2_zc706.xpr project file using "make fmcomms2.zc706.  I'm assuming I can generate the bit file and then use the SDK to make the zynq_fsbl.elf and system.hdf.  How would I generate u-boot and uImage? How would I then package the appropriate images into BOOT.BIN?  I am looking for a complete procedure to build and boot linux with my own custom user space application, drivers and FPGA PL.  I've looked at your make files but they are very complicated.  Thanks in advance for you help.