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TX Output alignment

Question asked by arodgers234 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by arodgers234

I have an HDL component synthesizing a waveform I would like to output through the AD9371 from my Zynq 7000.


I am feeding in the data through the 128 bit wide port on the GTX component with this format:


127:112 -> Q1 2nd Sample

111:096 -> Q1 1st Sample

095:080 -> I1 2nd Sample

079:064 -> I1 1st Sample

063:048 -> Q0 2nd Sample

047:032 -> Q0 1st Sample

031:016 -> I0 2nd Sample

015:000 -> I0 1st Sample


On the output of the scope, I do see an RF signal from both ports. Both seem to be more or less the appropriate length(The two waveforms are pulsed signals), however the actual shape of the waveform is random and amorphous. Is the TX output order that I have listed above correct?