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Question for EVAL-ADuM4135EVZ testing

Question asked by on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by RSchnell

I tested on EVAL-ADuM4135EBZ ;

VDD1 to Vss1 = 5V;

VDD2=15V; VSS2=-8V;

(I connected D1 negative side to GND2 for DESAT detect) 

when I power on the EVB; Output is -8V, nFault is high. Ready is high. nReset is high. VI+=0, VI-=0; 


1: I connected VI+ to signal generator for 10Khz, 0 to 4V square wave; nFault is Low, why?


2: I disconnected  signal generator, use jump wire connect VI+ to VDD1; nFault is Low, (Output is -8V).


Why nFault is high when power on and any VI+ input then it goes to low?

This is new EVB I order from Digikey