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ADE7878a methods of energy accumulation ?!

Question asked by Nouredine on Apr 4, 2017
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I have also some important questions about energy :

1- how can I to find true value if I don't use a line cycle active energy accumulation ?

2- could you please give me information about which registers should I configure  in the both methods of accumulation ?

for example WTHR0 and WTHR1 etc.

3- in line cycle accumulation, If I understood its logical, AWATTHR is updated automatically  every period (period = accumulation time. Is it right ? ). please if I'm right, could you give a method how can I manage the communication between my micro-controller and ADE7878a. (should I use the interrupt for synchronizing the communication and catch every energy value respecting the accumulation time or what ? )


thank you in advance for your reply.