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Issues with the sruSC589.h in CrossCore 2.5.0

Question asked by SHM@Nautel on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by nithya.koch

Not so much a question but an observation and suggested fix.


While working with the SPORTS on the ADSP-SC589, I was configuring the SRU to tie all unused inputs to LOW and found that there are a couple of issues with the sruSC589.h provided with CrossCore 2.5.0 (located in the \SHARC\include directory).


The two issues I found were: 


1) Had to remove the following lines from the Backwards Compatibility section:

      #define SPDIF0_TX_EXT_SYNC_I GROUP_A
      #define SPDIF1_TX_EXT_SYNC_I GROUP_A2


2) Had to add the missing underscores to the following lines: (should be INV_DAI0...)
      #define INVDAI0_PB19_I_REG REG_DAI0_PIN4
      #define INVDAI0_PB20_I_REG REG_DAI0_PIN4


These correction should probably be reviewed and included in the next update.