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Can I use TES with modified HDL?

Question asked by adgoodw on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by gverma


We are using  the AD9371 eval board with a ZYNQ ZC706 eval board. We have the TES working and would like to start making modifications to the HDL if possible, just for evaluation purposes. I have downloaded the HDL project from github and successfully built the project. I have a few questions:

- Is there a quick/simple way to run a modified HDL targeting the ZC706 with the evaluation SW and TES that the AD9371 is shipped with?

- In the unmodified HDL project I can see a chipscope ILA core instantiated in the design connected to the deserialized ADC data. Is this not included in the configuration that is shipped with the AD9371? When I used Vivado hardware manager to connect it does not see any ILA cores present.

- In the long run we would most likely use API as No OS, do you have a No OS project that targets the ZC706 that can be used as an example?