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EVAL-7842-7511P Error: "HDCP i2c failed error received"

Question asked by jim_philly on Apr 1, 2017
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I have an EVAL-ADV7842-7511P evaluation board, non-HDCP version.


I am attempting to feed composite (CVBS) video into the board and capture the HDMI output using a Blackmagic Intensity 4K PCI express card.


When there is an active analog output on either the s-Video, or the composite input, and I switch to one of these inputs via command line terminal window, I get a continuous, repeating string of errors that read:


-Tx: ##:### HDCP i2c failed error recieved


The "##:###" portion counts up to 60:999 (in random increments) before resetting to 0:000.  This continues until I physically disconnect the s-video or composite source, or until I attempt to input a command to the serial terminal window.  Here is a sample of the messages leading up to the string of errors:



analog on
Analog inputs are being processed.
-Tx: 23:545 HDCP and Frame Encryption Enabled
HDMI Output Color Depth is set to 36 bits
-TvApp: 23:572 --------------------------
-TvApp: 23:574 Selecting Interface Index 3
-TvApp: 23:576 --------------------------
-TvApp: 23:585 TV_EVENT_RX_NEW_IF_REQ Event: SVideo Input
-Tv: 23:588 Initialising S-Video Interface
-Tv: 23:627 Mute State changed to 2
-TvApp: 23:634 TV_EVENT_MUTE_CHANGE Event : 2
-Tx: 23:711 #### Is now un-muted (Blackout delay passed)
src 2
-TvApp: 23:715 --------------------------
-TvApp: 23:718 Selecting Interface Index 2
-TvApp: 23:720 --------------------------
-Tx: 23:722 Muting video (Manual Mode)
-Tx: 23:731 #### Muted using: TMDS BLKOUT (Blackout delay passed)
-TvApp: 23:741 TV_EVENT_RX_NEW_IF_REQ Event: CVBS Input
-Tv: 23:744 Initialising CVBS Interface

>-TvApp: 23:881 TV_EVENT_RX_SYNC_LOCK Event: 1
-TvApp: 23:889 Configuring Tx CSC: Y1Y0: 1 YCbCr-601 422 --> YCbCr 422
-TvApp: 23:895 Setting Tx input AR = 16x9
-Tx: 23:924 HDCP i2c failed error received
-Rx: 23:929 Received HDCP error from TX
-Tx: 23:957 HDCP Disabled
-Tv: 24:033 Video Resolution Information read from HW: NTSC
-Tv: 24:036 Estimated Vid Index is 0 (720x480i @ 59.94 Hz)
-Tv: 24:040 The Rx has been configured for SDP automatic mode
-Tv: 24:043 Primary Mode Configuration Completed
-Tv: 24:046 The ouput pins drive strength has been set to 2X
-Tv: 24:049 Drive Strength Configuration Completed
-Tv: 24:055 861 Timing Configuration Completed
-Tv: 24:061 AA filters Response set to 21 MHz
-Tv: 24:063 AA Filter configuration Completed
-TvApp: 24:071 TV_EVENT_RES_FOUND Event: 1, Table index : 0
-TvApp: 24:075 Configuring Tx CSC: Y1Y0: 1 YCbCr-601 422 --> YCbCr 422
-TvApp: 24:081 Setting Tx input AR = 16x9
-Tv: 24:127 Mute State changed to 0
-Tx: 24:134 Un-muting video (Manual Mode)
-Tx: 24:144 #### Is now un-muted (Blackout delay passed)
-TvApp: 24:148 TV_EVENT_MUTE_CHANGE Event : 0
-Tx: 24:189 HDCP and Frame Encryption Enabled
-Tx: 24:220 HDCP i2c failed error received
-Rx: 24:225 Received HDCP error from TX
-Tx: 24:260 HDCP i2c failed error received


I am, however, able to get the eval board to output video to my Vizio television without any problem.  There seems to be some issue specifically with the interaction between the eval board and the Intensity card.  Maybe the intensity card.


Using VirtualDub, I get a noisy, offset version of the signal (as in the attached photo, you can make out the splash screen from the composite output of my DVD player).


Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


Other notes:

- Board control via USB interface, using PuTTY as a serial terminal window

- Tried different analog sources -- JVC SVHS VCR, Pioneer CLD-95 Laserdisc player, Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD recorder.