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ADIsimPLL time domain simulation steps limit?

Question asked by magoo on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by magoo


I'm using ADIsimPLL v4.20.02 to simulate an ADF4158 PLL performing frequency ramps.

It seems that ADIsimPLL ignores the "Stop Time" parameter and actually stops simulation when it reaches approximately 500000 PD frequency periods.


PD frequency is 21.4 MHz

Then it will never be possible to run time domain simulations for more than approximately:

500000 / 21.4 MHz = 23.3 milliseconds


Any attempt to increase the Stop Time (in the TimeDomain settings on the left side of the screen) beyond 23.3 millisec is ignored.

If I halve the PD frequency, then the maximum TimeDomain simulation time allowed by ADIsimPLL will be twice as long.


This seems to be a bug and does not allow me to simulate slow ramps with a high PD frequency.

Are the numeric limits (such as this one) of ADIsimPLL documented somewhere?

If this is a limit of the software, it should display an error message in the Message area whenever the user attempts to exceed it.