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ADIS 16223 Extended Mode

Question asked by Sille on Mar 31, 2017
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maybe someone can help me with getting the extended mode work at the ADIS16223. The device works like a charm ones you got all the information together from the datasheet. Yesterday me and a colleague noticed that the sensor is not working correctly after writing to the adress for activating the extended mode. I followed exactly the given information from the datasheet but the sensor is still measuring acceleration data in x, y and z direction instead of using the x and y buffer for the data in the z direction. Only the z-buffer provides valid data which matches the the calculations and the signal produced from our shaker.


here is what we have done, pls have a look a the adresses:


       write_reg(pin, 0xB62F)      // DIO 1 busy indicator DIO 2 as a trigger
       write_reg(pin, 0xB804)     // filter settings this setting works - 4,5kHz filter and a 100Hz Signal from our shaker = ca.                                                  //22 swing cycles that is what we see only after reading the z-buffer
       write_reg(pin, 0x9E0C)    // extended mode z direction
       write_reg(pin, 0x8F00)   // save settings, clear buffers, reset pointer ...
       measure()                        // trigger a measurement high state on DIO2
       wait()                              // read DIO1 wait until data is ready   


After this we read 1024 samples from x-buffer, y-buffer, z-buffer because datasheet states that the x and y buffers will provide the other data if in extended mode (z-direction)


Instead of measure() we used also the adress 0xBF08 but it didn't solve the problem.


Help would be appreciated, thanks a lot hopefully somebody can help


Best Sille