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How to toggle low voltage GPIO in AD9371 with delay of 1us.

Question asked by Abhisheknaik on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by gverma
Hello Everyone,
         I am trying to implement a user space application in Xilinx ZC706 for initializing and configuring AD9371. I am refering to headless.c for developing this application and i'm using ug-992 document for understanding and implementing MYKONOS_API. I have registered AD9371 as spidev device in devicetree.dtb file and i have doing spi read and write using ioctl functions.
          Now i want to toggle low voltage GPIO pin in transceiver with 1 mirosecond delay(i.e TON = 1us and TOFF = 1us).. Following is my piece of code for toggling GPIO_9 on trnsceiver board.
Data structure for low voltage GPIO
static mykonosGpioLowVoltage_t gpio =
524287,/* Oe per pin, 1=output, 0 = input  Setting all GPIO as OUTPUT*/
GPIO_BITBANG_MODE,/* Mode for GPIO[3:0] */
GPIO_BITBANG_MODE,/* Mode for GPIO[7:4] */
GPIO_BITBANG_MODE,/* Mode for GPIO[11:8] */
GPIO_BITBANG_MODE,/* Mode for GPIO[15:12] */
GPIO_BITBANG_MODE,/* Mode for GPIO[18:16] */
Within main function in headless.c
if ((mykGpioErr = MYKONOS_setupGpio(&mykDevice)) != MYKONOS_ERR_GPIO_OK)
           /*** < Info: errorString will contain log error string in order to debug failure > ***/
           errorString = getGpioMykonosErrorMessage(mykGpioErr);
           printf ( "Setup Gpio fail\n") ;
while (1) 
                    MYKONOS_setGpioPinLevel( &mykDevice, 0x00600 ) ;
                    CMB_wait_us( 1 ) ;
                    MYKONOS_setGpioPinLevel( &mykDevice, 0x00000 ) ;
                    CMB_wait_us( 1 ) ;
Delay function for milliseconds
commonErr_t CMB_wait_ms(uint32_t time_ms)
                    /* nanosleep can be interrupted, if so, call until total time has completed */
                    struct timespec t0;
                    struct timespec t1;
                    struct timespec *temp;
                    struct timespec *waitTime = &t0;
                    struct timespec *remaining = &t1;
                    waitTime->tv_sec = time_ms/1000;
                    waitTime->tv_nsec = (time_ms % 1000) * (1000000);
                    while((nanosleep(waitTime, remaining) == (-1)) && (errno == EINTR))
                            /* if nanosleep returned early due to a interrupt, nanosleep again using remaining time */
                            temp = waitTime;
                            waitTime = remaining;
                            remaining = temp;
Delay Function for microseconds
commonErr_t CMB_wait_us(uint32_t time_us)
                    return(CMB_wait_ms( time_us / 1000));
           But when I probe gpio_9 pin to oscillscope.. I am seeing that TON and TOFF are of 200 microsecond (instead of 1us). Why it is so? What I have to do to get TON and TOFF of 1 microsecond?
           Please help me out with this. This is very urgent as I am planning to use these gpio for spi bit banging for control some other spi slave.
Thanks and Regards,
Abhishek Naik.