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Configure SYSREF in HMC7044 via GUI

Question asked by Phil.G on Mar 31, 2017
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I am attempting to use the GUI to program the HMC7044 SCLKout3 to act as a SYSREF.  I am trying out the configuration on the evaluation board via the GUI prior to using it on my custom board via FPGA SPI programming.


The following screen clipping is what I used for my test scenario. 

My understanding is that SCLKout3 should come up at 1/2280 the frequency of CLKout2. Instead, it comes up at the same frequency as CLKout2.

I have tried varying the divider for SCLKout3 and will sometime see a change in the output and other times will see no change.  Is there a robust procedure that I should follow to ensure that changes in the GUI result in changes in the HMC7044 configuration?

Is there anything obviously wrong in my configuration?


Thank you for your help.