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Reprogramming PIC hex file on the AD-FCOMMS1 board

Question asked by chaoloveai on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by DragosB

We have builded custom FCOMMS1 board with a few modifications. And we will need to reprogram the PIC. We do not want to change anything in the PIC programming. Just use it I2C-SPI bridge. We programed the hex file provided from ADI GITHUB or WIKI ,named AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ.hex, and insert into zedboard, we use zynq-zed-adv7511-fmcomms1 image provided from ADI . But we can not recognise any devices on the board except the xadc and AD8366. Does the PIC hex file have some issue? How to reprogram it and back to normal state? Because we do not  detect any SPI  signal change from the pic.