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TXB0304R Level Converter Input Drive Stength on ADC9680CE04B Eval Board

Question asked by vish1ram on Mar 31, 2017
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We are using AD9680CE04B eval board, which has AD9680-1000 on board.


We are trying to configure the chip using SPI, but due to TXB0304R Buffer Issues we are not able to do it.


We would like to clarify the following issues.


From the AD9680 Datasheet It is mentioned that for Logic Output SDIO logic 1 voltage is minimum 0.8*SPIVDD and Logic 0 Voltage is 0 to 0.5 v. The current ratings are IoH=800uA and IoL = 50uA.


We would like to confirm these current ratings are minimum or maximum? 


From the Datasheet of TXB0304R in section 8.3.1 mention that

For proper operation, the device driving the data I/Os of the TXB0304 must have drive strength of at least ±3 mA.


Is this the issue for not working of SPI in the eval board?


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Rama Krishna