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SPIB  as master and slave select output

Question asked by bookevg on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by DeepV

My SPIB configure as

*pSPICTLB            = TIMOD1            | WL8    | CLKPL    | SPIMS    | SPIEN    | MSBF    | GM    | CPHASE    | AUTOSDS;


only one slave select from four output on DPI pin (for example FLAG0 output DPI12)


I want to output SCLK, MISO and MOSI, but the slave select FLAG0(DS0EN) output or don't output.

I try before using SPIB to do:

*pSPIFLGB            = 0;


*pSPIFLGB            = DS3EN;

but it can't help me

The slave select FLAG0(DS0EN) output always when SPIB is working