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No Demodulation on AD8333

Question asked by Chrispy on Mar 30, 2017
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I want to Demodulate an RF Signal with the AD8333 IC. Therefore i use 2 AD8137 to generate the complementary inputs for the 4LO and the RF1 inputs. After the AD8333 i use the AD8021 for I to V conversion as suggested in the Datasheet.
But when i try to simulate this in LTSpice, i receive only an amplified version of my RF Signal at the I1PO and Q1PO Outputs. The Clock is driven by an 1 V p-p Signal with a 40k Hz Frequency. My modulated Signal is a 10k Hz Signal mixed with a 5 Hz Signal. So it would be great if you could tell if i made a logic mistake or if there is a other problem.

I expected the 5 Hz Signal to be plotted at the Output.
Pictures of the circuit and the plot are attached. I know that its mentioned in the Datasheet to use a inductance and a capacitor at the Supply Pins, but since this is a simulation i left them out because i thought, that they are not responsible for the overall behaviour of the demodulation. I hope you can help me.